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The Eighth Grade English Parent & Guardian Page

Welcome to Mr. Stratton’s Classroom Online!

Because parents and guardians play an important role in their students’ education, this page intends to keep you abreast of current events in our English classroom. Through this site, you’ll be able to take various looks inside the literature we study, browse homework assignments, and listen to, watch, download or print a variety of resource mateirls related to classroom topics. In short, this site not only allows you to “talk” English with your student on a regular basis, but makes the classroom a 24-hour environment.

Because students need to be responsible and resourceful, homework assignments are almost always posted on this site weekly. Although students will receive homework assignment materials in class, I will, whenever possible, try to make materials and extra help available through this web site.

Students can also get writing help, including help with the ningh grade Christensen Rhetoric program, which is designed to help students write effective and mature sentences. They can also get assistance finding that next great book, which just might be in the high school's library.

You should probably know that your student is expected to read one book every month / month-and-a-half and demonstrate that reading through writing, presentation or discussion. So, if you don't see your student reading at home, you can get them started with the Find Great Books link above.

Other great features of Mr. Stratton's Classroom Online include an audio podcast page that includes audio versions of great classroom literature, and a direct link to your student's homework in other classes.

If possible, please add this web site to your favorites or bookmark it, so that you and your student have easy access to the site. Thank you for taking the time to check into Mr. Stratton’s English class. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me from this site or use the email below. Or, you can call me at the school using the number underneath.

Thanks for visitng.
- Mr. Stratton

sstratton@nvcs.stier.org or 642-8351