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English Class Expectations
Class Preparation 5 Rules Your Behavior Find Mr. Stratton
ink splotWhat you need at the start of each class
“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” — Bobby Unser
1. A pen or sharpened pencil

2. Your English notebook

3. Your English folder or three-ring binder

4. Your book, packet or other material in which work has been assigned or is used in class.
ink splot5 Rules to Live by in English Class
1. To be seated with materials out at the bell and complete an initial assignment. This important assignment is designed to get you thinking about English class and sets the pace for the period.

2. To be responsible for any work missed because of an absence. If you miss class for a reason other than illnes, work is still due as assigned. You need to arrange for times to make up missed in-class work during study halls, or before or after school. If you are absent for a length of time, it is your responsibility to plan a make-up schedule within two days of your return. Always refer to the Homework page for assignments.

3. To participate in the class activities and discussions. Do not just sit there. Help make our time together valuable, interesting, meaningful, educational, diverse and fun.

4. To use class time wisely. Having a study hall or two doesn't mean you can't do work in class.

5. To put quality time and quality work into assignments. I give only what I think is necessary, so I expect that you'll complete work assigned timely and with quality. And, if you expect to do well in English, you must realize that homework is a large chunk of your grade each quarter.

ink splotAn English Class Behavior Guidetop
1. Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking.

Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

Verbal abuse, sarcasm, or put-downs that make others feel uncomfortable, upset or angry are out of order.

Avoid talking while others are talking. Be courteous and patient.

5. Sit next to friends only if you can also pay attention and get work done at the same time.

For all other behavioral expectations, consider this rule: Show others the respect you wish to receive.

ink splotFind Mr. Strattontop
During the School Day
- Period 2 — Rm. 230
- Period 4 — Rm. 230 days 2 + 4 (quarters 1 + 2 only)
- Period 7 — Lunch or Rm. 230
- Period 9 — Rm. 230 or Skills Center
- Telephone — 642-8351

- Email Mr. Stratton from this site or sstratton@nvcs.stier.org

- After school appointments can easily be set up as well.