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Find Great Independent Reading Books
targetBooks & Newark Valley High School
• The Newark Valley High School Library's online catalog is a tremendous source for finding books easily. Type in the title of the book you want to read, or an author, and view what's available in our library.

• Book Reviews NV is a teen book review site managed by Newark Valley freshmen. This site is what teen reading is all about in the Valley. Check it out! It's searchable!
targetFiction Links & Book Lists
• The Rhode Island Teen Book Award has great teen-generated lists for best books from 2002-2006. Check out the winners of those years, but for the best lists, check out each year's nominated books. Great stuff!

• The Seatle Public Library has a very good list of books for middle school and high school readers.

• It's Rough Out There: Teen Life and Issues Booklist has great fiction books about real teen issues. These writers know teens. Great books!

• Teenspoint.org's Cafe Book offers a teen-generated list of the best books from 2002-2006. These are the best of the best, according to teen readers. This is a great site.

Teenreads.com's Best of the Best page is a list of The Young Adult Library Services Association's best books in the last 10 years. This page gives 10 books each year for 10 years.
targetNon-Fiction Links & Book Lists
• The Seatle Public Library has a good section of book lists for both biographies and other non-fiction.

targetScience Fiction Links & Book Liststop
• Barnes & Noble has a great list of teen science fiction reads, including a section just for
aliens, alternate worlds, earth, future and time travel.

• The Seatle Public Library
has an excellent list of books for science fiction readers.

• Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens has great book lists for those who truly like to escape the reality of our world.

• SciFan has all the titles you are looking for — that is, if you are a fan of science fiction reads.
targetFantasy Links & Book Lists top
• Barnes & Noble offers an excellent list of top fantasy books for teens. You won't believe how big this list is!

• The Seatle Public Library has a terrific list of fantasy books for teens, including a separate list for vampires and horror.

• The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has an excellent list of gaming books for teens. When you can't play video games, you can read about 'em. Good stuff.
targetSports Themed Links & Book Lists top
• The Seatle Public Library has a great list of sports and sports themed books for young adults.

• The Plymouth District Library has a great list of sports books for teens. The library even breaks sports categories into baseball, basketball, football, swimming, soccer and wrestling and boxing.
targetHumor Book Lists top
• Amazon.com has compiled a great book list of humorous tales for teens, both fictional and non-fictional.

• The Denver Public Library offers a quality list of humorous books of all kinds. One title is this: How to Get Suspended and Influence People. Guess what? The eighth grade narrator gets suspended!

• The San Francisco Public Library has the purple page of humor titles for teens. The library offers a lengthy list.

• Although a corny name, the Plymouth District Library “Teen Zone” has compiled a list of funny fiction titles for young adults. It’s a good list with short summaries of each title.

• The Tigard Public Library’s Jessica Marie, the young adult librarian, has compiled a six page PDF document of humor books for teens that is quite good